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Pasir Ris Park

Pasir Ris Park is located at the North-East part of Singapore, located directly opposite Pulau Ubin. If offers visitors an abundant of unique activities including a pony riding center, a mangrove broad walk and a public campfire location.

Tree growing on Pasir Ris Park CoastThe entire park curves into the land and is around the beach stretches for around 4km. The park is divided into 4 areas, with Area 1 to the East, near Downtown East, and Area 4 in the West.

Area 1

Area 1 is located off Loyang Besar. There are a few chalets located here including Costa Sands and Aloha Resort. It is the fun center of Pasir Ris, with Downtown East in the vicinity. Wild Wild Wet and Escape Theme Park are also in the area. When you are driving or walking in, you will notice the hive of activity created at Downtown East.

Crab HolesBut once you reach the beach proper, you will find it is significantly less busy, although still lively on weekends and holidays. This is one of the 2 camping areas in Pasir Ris Park with several BBQ pits in the area as well. I found the grass areas to be muddy and somewhat waterlogged, so unless it has been dry for several days, you will experience this too. I suspect this is due to the park's past of being a mangrove swamp. When choosing your camping ground, just make sure you are not at the lowest points and you should be safe.

Area 2

Area 2 is the mid-section of Pasir Ris Park. It is enclosed by 2 tidal rivers, Sungai Tampines and Sungai Api Api. This Area has some unique attractions that is worth checking out.

Bird's Eye View of the Mangrove SwampGallop Stables offer pony rides for children. It is located just beside Car Park C. The ponies do look friendly and the ride slow.

Another interesting point is the mangrove swamp boardwalk located at just beside Sungai Tampines. The boardwalk I found to be unique as it really lets you get up close to a mangrove swamp. You can see crab holes less than a meter from you. The smell and sounds you hear also make you forget you are in a beach park. There is also a look out post and a tower from which you can get a bird's eye view of the swamp. The top of the tower is below the tree top line, hence you cannot make out Pasir Ris Estate from there.

Bird's Eye View of the Mangrove SwampThe Tribal Council, a public campfire location, is also located in Area 2. It is located at the corner where Sungai Tampines enters the Johore Straits. Booking it is free. It is able to comfortably accommodate between 60 to 80 persons. Click here to book the Tribal Council.

Just two minutes walk from the Tribal Council is the Garden Maze. It is a small maze in which you could navigate through and perhaps too small to be of much fun to adults. It however should be fun for children who would not be able to look over the plants.

Area 3

Area 3 is the other camping area in Pasir Ris Park. It shares similar ground conditions with Area 1 and hence planning you campsite would require a similar planning thought. The area is served by Car Park D and has a fair sized playground, although there is nothing too special about it.

Area 3 is a typical layout of Pasir Ris Park, with coconut trees growing close to the shore and further back there are other trees growing.

Area 4

Area 4 is a relative thin strip of land bounded by the sea and the Home Team and PA chalets. There are mainly BBQ pits in this area and nothing of great interest. However, do note that the area is just beside some elephant grass (Lalang) and there are more mosquitoes in this Area compared to the other 3. If you drive, my advise is to park at Car Park F, which is free and Car Park E requires coupons.


The View at Area 3
Beware of Falling Coconuts
View of Pasir Ris Park from Area 3

Getting there:

Bus: Elias Road (Area 3 and 4) - Bus 403 from Pasir Ris Interchange
Jalan Loyang Besar (Area 1) - Bus 354 from Pasir Ris Interchange
Pasir Ris Bus Interchange and Pasir Ris MRT Station are a 15 minute walk from Area 2. Just walk towards Pasir Ris Drive 3 and enter from either Car Park B or Pasir Ris Green.

Driving: Pasir Ris Park is located along Pasir Ris Drive 3, with a few roads leading you right to the Park itself.
From TPE: To get to Area 3 and 4 - Exit at Elias Road or Exit 4 and drive straight.
To get to Area 1 and 2. You could exit at Elias Road and when you hit Pasir Ris Drive 3, turn right. If you are coming from the East, you could instead exit at Loyang Avenue and take a left at Pasir Ris Drive 3 when you come to the junction to do so.

Cycling: Pasir Ris Drive 3 can be entered from either Loyang Avenue in the East or Tampines Avenue 10 in the West (via Pasir Ris Drive 12).

This article was written by Varun Singh, owner of Outdoor Equipment.

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