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Lower Pierce Reservoir Park

Lower Pierce Reservoir Park is a decent sized park and it's main trail can be covered in 45 minutes comfortably.

The area around the car park is landscaped. There are benches, trees and even a jetty at that area. From the entrance, if you walk to your left, a straight path, you will end up at Island Golf Course.
You will see a straight stretch along the reservoir that leads to  Island Golf Course
Walking straight, you will pass the fishing area where lure fishing is permitted. Around 100 meters from here, the boardwalk starts. You start off on Oncospermum trail, which follows the edge of the reservoir and goes into the vegetation. There the path forks, left to Bamboo Trail and right to Cortus Trail. Both trails are rather similar, Bamboo Trail being longer and has a very minor incline as you complete it. To loop these 2 trails, you will need to walk along Old Upper Thomson Road, which is lined with landed houses just opposite. It is wiser to talk Bamboo trail as when you eventually walk along the road, you can walk against traffic on the side of the vegetation.

A squirrelThe boardwalks cut through secondary forest. You will see some of the most vicious plants Singapore's jungles offer along the trails, spiny palms and other plants with thorns. These plants seem fairly common in the park. You also won't see the water once you come to the fork. The stale humid jungle hits you on the boardwalk.

Overall I find Lower Pierce Reservoir Park to be a good place for a short walk. There is not really much else you can do at the park itself. However it is quiet. It only gets crowded on weekends. Even on week day evenings, there are only a few joggers and people walking about. Just be alert when in the car park area as there seems to be a troop of long tail macaques that are there all day long. They could be up to mischief at your expense.
Fishing Grounds
Most of the sun light is blocked by the thick canopy

Getting there:

Bus: Upper Thomson Road - 163, 980
Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 (walk in from Bishan Park) - 132, 165, 166

Driving: On Upper Thomson Road going towards SLE: Turn into Old Upper Thomson Road just before AMK Ave 1 Junction or after Island Club Road. Turn left into the car park of the park.
On Upper Thomson Road going towards Braddle: Take a U-turn at the Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Junction and turn into Upper Thomson Road (there is a Shell just before the turn in). Take a left at Old Upper Thomson Road and a right into the park.
On Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 towards Upper Thomson Road: Take a right into Upper Thomson Road and turn into Upper Thomson Road (there is a Shell just before the turn in). Take a left at Old Upper Thomson Road and a right into the park.

Cycling or Walking from Bishan Park: Go the Thomson end of Bishan Park and cross the junction into Old Upper Thomson Road. Walk straight down and turn left into the park.
The trail suddenly ends and you will see cars drive by and landed  homes across
You get a nice view of the forest across the reservoir
 The sun sets on Lower Pierce Reservoir Park

This article was written by Varun Singh, owner of Outdoor Equipment.

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